How to Get Yourself Out of a Depression/Funk

Our minds are meant to be kept busy.

Although many of us just want to lay around all day and wait for the funk of depression to pass, unfortunately that is not the way.


I find having a routine (or multiple) is the most important thing when it comes to my mental health. Without a set routine your mind tends to lead to chaos; isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid? If you’re an avid routine abider, like myself, and it has become a monotonous hell; try these tips.


Change up your morning routine

Morning routines are so damn important to our lives. As humans we need a sense of structure. Take time to be in the moment. Enjoy your surroundings. This is the time to set the tone for your day. If you already have a kick ass morning routine but feel as though you’re in a rut you may want to mix it up a bit.

  • Change up your coffee; maybe try using a different creamer every time you run out so you can keep a fun variety going!
  • If you use the same mug every morning for your tea, coffee or juice maybe try using a different mug or glass. It’s always fun looking forward to using a cute coffee cup in the morning.
  • Changing where you drink your morning beverage can make the ever so slightest adjustment to the brain; making it work to process the new place you are sitting at now.
  • If you watch the news in the mornings maybe try reading it and vice versa.
  • Changing up your breakfasts can do a world of wonders as well. New healthy foods being put into the body, um hello? FUCK YES!


Change up your night routine

If you experience at the end of the day, what feels like Groundhog Day; you have fully mastered your day and night routine. Congratulations! Problem is, your routine has become monotonous and boring. It has in fact become so boring you’re depressed and anxious as fuck. Well guess what? CHAGE YO SHIT UP!

  • Try changing the time you take a shower. So, If you shower before bed maybe try showering right when you get home from work.
  • Change those sheets on your bed. I mean come on… Who the fuck doesn’t get excited over some cute ass new sheets? I mean shit, get yourself some silk sheets and slide around like a waterslide in your sleep.
  • Change up what you have for dinner and maybe even the time you eat it; if your schedule allows you to do so.
  • Instead of lurking Instagram right before you pass out, try reading a book! Seriously… unglue your nosey little eyes and lose your mind for a bit in a good ass book.




If you’re a broke ass bitch like myself, there are some cheap simple ways to change up your decor.

The first way is a no money needed task. Rearrange furniture! Once monotony has taken over my space, I will move things around to feel like I’m getting a “fresh start”.

You can also stop at a HomeGoods or a Ross and pick up something as simple as a new throw blanket or a cheap piece of wall art. Succulents are also the titties, so you can always decorate your place with tons of cutie succulents!

Amazon is also my best friend where you can pick up some cheap home organizers!




Have something with ALL of your goals on it. Whether that be a picture board of your goals or a list on a piece of paper; it’s important to write them down. The importance of writing your goals down comes from intention. You must have intention when you are setting, going after and achieving your goals. Being intentional assures less mistakes and more success.

Each month I like to sit down and write my monthly goals. These can be personal or business related. This really helps me get a view to determine what exactly I need to be getting done that month. For my long term goals I love having a vision board, consisting of photos of things that I aspire to accomplish in the future. It can be mental health goals or tangible goals, like buying your first car. Pro Tip: if you’re a lazy fuck, like myself, you can also make a vision board on Pinterest.

If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest and see my goals follow the link!

Sex, Mental Health and Rock n Roll Pinterest



Listen to some music. Go to a concert. Go out dancing with friends. Get laid. Maybe all of the above. You need it. Music is soooo great for the soul.

If you’re stuck at home or simply don’t want to leave the house make it a point to rip those pants off, turn the stereo up and have a dance party in your underwear. For real, enjoy it for fucks sake. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a smart phone that plays your favorite music within seconds. If you find yourself fortunate of having that phone, appreciate it and use it to your mental health advantage.



Be patient with yourself, but don’t baby yourself as well. Move with intention in life and you will find purpose. Don’t expect to be a spring chicken right after you change what you were doing to get yourself out of a funk. It normally takes time and that’s quite alright. Love yourself enough to carry through, even if it is time consuming. I promise you will see progress.


Xx, Kyles


  1. These are great suggestions! I’d even say to skip the news entirely in the morning and save it for lunchtime (if possible), or switch to something like The Skimm that sends you a brief neutral synopsis each morning. I find my anxiety is worse when I’m bombarded with all of the negativity in the news. When I take a news-cation and only get my news in a form that is more neutral than many news outlets tend to be, my overall wellbeing improved drastically.

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