Why In The Hell Am I Here?

To be quite honest, I’m still figuring it out myself…

Normal doesn’t even begin to explain my life. Messy, out of control and nerve-racking, maybe. I’m your typical bullshit “just graduated college” type of gal. I graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in business; determined to grab the world by its balls and become successful with tons of money by the age of 25. Well, life grabbed me by the (female) balls and said “LETS GO FOR A RIDE BITCH”, and with that, it dragged me down a path of weirdness. I don’t want to say misery, because I am not miserable or anything of that negative nature. I’m just as confused as any one of you reading this. And if you aren’t confused in life well I’m both jealous and concerned you’re doing it wrong.

The whole purpose of this blog is to share the things I love and know best; which in turn will probably be considered “weird” or maybe even intriguing. I will cover an array of topics including: “embarrassing sex topics”, “we all do drugs so don’t even bullshit me”, “we’re all a little fucked up”, “I think I did spinal damage at a punk show” and other things of that nature. Shit…. you can even put in a request. Use my contact info below to email me a topic you want me to cover. Yes, yes, my inner white girl will come out and I will cover personal things such as my mental health or how to clean your house with all natural products. Don’t worry guys, I will keep this thing fun and interesting…. You just have to keep reading and giving me some love.