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Who the fuck are they?

The Descendents are a radass punk band from Manhattan Beach, California. The band formed in 1977 by then guitarist Frank Navetta, then bassist Tony Lombardo and the Descendents’ current drummer, Bill Stevenson.

Drummer Bill Stevenson was a high school friend of Milo Aukerman and eventually introduced him to the band as the lead singer in 1980. Since 1986 (which is a long ass time), the bands lineup has consisted of

Singer: Milo Aukerman

Guitarist: Stephen Egerton

Bassist: Karl Alvarez

Drummer: Bill Stevenson


The evolution of a revolution

As time has aged (and so have the members), this band has gone from super hard core punk songs that are right under a minute to averaging 2-3 minute punk songs. To see the evolution of such an amazing band and their abilities to adapt to different varieties of punk is absolutely eye opening and amazing. The Descendents have been cited by critics as one of the most significant punk bands in the punk rock movement.


Milo the Mascot


A high school friend and classmate of Aukerman (singer) and Stevenson (drummer), Roger Deuerlein, would draw cartoon characters depicting Milo Aukerman as the class nerd.

A few years later Stevenson asked friend Jeff “Rat” Atkins to draw Deuerlein’s ‘Milo character’ for their first of many albums, Milo Goes to College.

Milo is now seen in all of their albums and is a staple figure to the band. The thing I really love about this mascot is how diverse Milo the character is! One minute he’s wearing a suite and tie going to college the next he’s wearing a baby onesie and supporting the album I Don’t Want to Grow Up.


Packed like sardines at the punk show

House of Blues- 10/20/2017

These guys fucking rock. It’s not even like “these guys were awesome for being in their mid fifties”, no they fucking killed it. I will be honest, some bands suck live. These guys gave a performance I’ll remember for a life time.

The Descendents are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Listening to their songs is almost like listening to a really obscure diary of myself on tape. The music just clicks in my head in a way other bands don’t. Their show songs ranged from agro pit rage to happy fun and some what “pop” punk songs (as much as it makes me cringe to type pop).

Understandably so, Milo Aukerman can’t just stage dive into the crowd anymore because he is at that age where it might not be safe for his hip. But, the Descendents don’t need the theatrics of band members flying through the air to grab their fans attention, they are just that good. Their crisp sound with Aukerman’s powerful and rich voice just makes it all come together.




Bill Stevenson- Drummer

Fun fact: many people believe that Milo Aukerman is the main songwriter for the Descendents. WRONG. Bill Stevenson is not only the main song writer for the band but also the original and longest standing member in the band AND has written most of the Descendents biggest hits. Stevenson recorded with Black Flag on several of their albums due to the fact that their drummer was detained in England after a tour.


Stephen Egerton- Guitarist

Interestingly enough Egerton played drums and guitar in the punk rock/death rock band, Massacre Guys from 1980-1985 alongside Karl Alvarez. Egerton, during this time in Massacre Guys, actually taught Alvarez how to play the bass guitar. In 1985 Egerton relocated to Virginia where he studied classical guitar and played in the band Auto Da Fe. In late 1986, Egerton FINALLY joined Alvarez in the Descendents.


Karl Alvarez- Bassist

Alvarez is another huge songwriter and contributor of the Descendents. Usually the bassist is more of a “who the fuck is this guy” type of character, but Alvarez has taken charge. In the summer of 2006, Alvarez joined a gypsy punk (a cross between traditional Ramani music and punk rock) band Gogol Bordello for part of the Van’s Warped Tour and Reading and Leeds Festival. He is currently the lead singer in a band called the Underminer. In August of 2007, Alvarez suffered from a mild heart attack, but is back and kicking ass harder than ever.


Milo Aukerman- Singer

People like to believe that punkers are stupid, uneducated, angry low lives. Milo Aukerman is sheer proof that punk contains some of the most genius people. To be politically correct, Milo Jay Aukerman, Ph.D is the proper “termage” for this bright man. With a PhD in biochemistry and a former biochemist researcher, you would never guess that this man is as gnarly as he is. In July of 2016, Aukerman announced that he would be leaving his career as a biochemist to pursue touring with the Descendents full time- let’s just say my heart is happy because who doesn’t want them touring?!


Kyles Descendents attendance.



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