Answers About Sex You Were too Afraid to Ask!


-Sex shouldn’t be hard discuss-

Sense it’s apparently so hard to talk about sex openly without getting shamed, here are answers to some things you may be too embarrassed to ask.


I can’t have an orgasm with penetration. Is something wrong with me?

Nah man, you’re good. It’s quite normal actually. It’s estimated that approximately 70% of women can’t climax during penetration. Is it mental or is it physical? Well… it can be one, the other or both. Learn to “let go” in your mind. Fully be present and enjoy the moment. As for physical, sometimes you need some stimulation to the clitoral region. You may need to just find your right spot. And even if you don’t ever happen to cum from penetration, then that’s ok. As long as you’re enjoying it, that’s what matters.


Does the wang wang size really matter?!

Fuck no. It’s about what suites you (size and style wise- hehe that rhymed). Sometimes dudes with the “not so big” penis’ satisfy waaaay better. Try different positions. Find what your pussy likes for that particular dick. To each their own.


Is my birth control affecting my sex drive?

This varies from person to person! This is all about your genetics and how you’re made, essentially. Some women experience side effects where other women don’t at all. Your healthcare provider can usually help you narrow down what you’re experiencing and if it’s an affect from your selected birth control. It is definitely possible though! If you find your birth control is not working for you, such as mood swings or temperamental bleeding, you should switch immediately.


Yo, did I just break your dick?

Can you break a dick? Kind of sort of. The penis is not a bone but you can fracture it. This fracture is not the same as an arm fracture though. It’s called a “penile fracture” and happens when the penis experiences excessive force. Occasionally the male may need a procedure if it is fractured bad enough. This can be confirmed in X-rays through doctors at the hospital! If it is that badly fractured, it usually entails immediate surgery but after you’re fine.


I feel like I’m going to pee on him! WHY?!

That’s good! What that means is that your G Spot in being hit correctly. Obviously you want to make sure it’s a healthy urge. Purge your bladder before and after sex. Not releasing urine after sex can lead to both yeast and urinary tract infections. But take my word for it, you won’t piss on him unless your bladder is actually full; which you’d know before he stuck his dick in you!


Uhh, what was that fart sound coming out of my pussy?!

Welcome to the queef club, motherfucker. This happens when the penis, or an object pumps air into the vaginal canal and it gets trapped. The air pressure builds up, leading to your unfortunate fart sound. I don’t understand why people get so grossed out over this, grow up and get over it. It’s not a fart, not even close. Farts are bacteria being released in the form as gas where as a queef is just air.


Is the smell normal?

Probably, yes. Unless you smell something super duper foul it’s most likely just “sex smell”. Sex smell is the combination of body fluids combining to make one smell. How yum, haha. However, if it smells fishy call your GYNO ASAP!


Am I addicted to porn?

I don’t know, are you?


Does having a “big” vagina mean you’re a ‘slut’?

Vaginal size is all dependent on the person and their genetic make-up. Vaginas are elastic but doesn’t mean you have to be born with a “small set vagina”.  Mean Girls says it best:

Someone wrote in that book that I’m lying about being a virgin cause’ I use super-jumbo tampons, but I can’t help it if I’ve got a heavy flow and a wide set vagina!”.

Source: Google


I hope this post was helpful and answered some of your questions. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to email me! I love getting emails from you guys and I’m always happy to share stories!


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Xx, Kyles

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Fetus- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

– Guest submission

From January to about March,

I’d been having some bad pains in my side. I figured it was an ovarian cyst, as I get them often. But this time, it was a different kind of pain. I’d had periods, had a pap and pelvic, and a negative pregnancy test. So when the pain got to the point where I could not move out of bed or keep anything down, I decided to go to the hospital. It was 4 days after my birthday.

At the hospital, I was taken in for an ultrasound.

It was in that room that my world quickly spiraled away. I felt like I was in “The Descent Into The Maelstrom”.  There, they silently turned the screen to me and showed me a fully formed 13 week fetus wiggling around. I completely lost it. My boyfriend at the time lived out of state, and I hadn’t seen him in, you guessed it, about 13 weeks. It was pressing against something in my uterus and was causing a hemorrhage.

They said it wasn’t a healthy pregnancy.

Honestly, I was amazed at the lack of care for my own wellbeing after it was found I was pregnant. Everyone focused on the life inside me encouraging me telling me it was gonna be okay. But my mind was already made up. The very next Monday after the weekend, I called and set up an appointment at the clinic. My best friend came over for support and everything. The night before, as I laid in bed cuddling my best girl, panicking, I drifted off to sleep. I had a dream I was laying in a bed and a nurse held my hand and asked me “are you sure you want to kill your daughter?” And I woke up in a cold sweat. The whole drive there I kept asking myself if it was a sign. Do I really have an actual mini me inside of me right now? DO I want to terminate this?”

I questioned it, but internally I already knew my mind wasn’t going to change.

I walked into the clinic trying to hold my head high as protestors screamed horrible, horrible things to me, my mom and my best friend and threw stuff at us. I attacked one but was pulled off a security, before promptly having another breakdown in the parking lot.


The wait was forever.

When I was finally taken back they did another ultrasound. Cue yet another breakdown– I was told I was 14 almost 15 weeks pregnant and the doctor there today doesn’t do terminations at that stage. I had to come back the next day, and pay another $100 (altogether I paid $650). I was a wreck the entire 24 hours waiting. When morning finally came, I was ready. My best friend held my hand as we walked together into the building.4 misoprostol, some serious IV drugs, and 4 hours later, I woke up, woozy and was told to get dressed and make sure to double up the pads.

I looked around the room and saw a wad of bloody towels

In my drugged state I asked if that was my baby, obviously it wasn’t. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wasn’t sore, I just had mild/kinda bad cramps. But I did bleed. A lot. For about 3 weeks. I had night terrors for a while. Not because I regretted my decision, not at all. What traumatized me most, as selfish as it may sound, was not being TOLD by the staff I was pregnant. It was the way the nurse just stared at me coldly as she turned the screen to me.

Overall, I put myself and my health first.

The relationship I was in was a volatile, cruel, long-distance relationship. I’m glad it’s all over though, and if I were to get pregnant with my new partner, I don’t think I’d ever consider going down that road again.

Xoxo, K. E. K.

– Guest submission

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Your Pussy is YOUR Pussy

I am so sick and tired of seeing girls have sex with a guy because they feel like they have to.

No, fuck that. It takes two to tango my love, and if you don’t want to tango there is NOTHING wrong with it.

Never let any significant other (or potential significant other) make you feel like you owe them YOUR body.

Fuck that, you don’t.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” to the douchebag that wanted to “Netflix and Chill” instead of take you on a date. You are worthy of only the best, and so is your lady garden. It makes me so sad to hear women say that they feel like they should at a minimum blow the guy since he took her on a date. Now, I’m not saying don’t give blow jobs, but what I am saying is don’t feel pressured to give them. If it’s your thing it’s your thing, if it’s not then own it.

Don’t let some little fuckboy make you feel bad for not putting out.

I mean, obviously don’t be a teasing whore then act all innocent. Just do yourself a favor and respect yourself enough to do what you want. Also if he’s already being a prick about you not putting out, it probably wouldn’t have worked out in the long run anyways.

Don’t let others thoughts shape who you are.

Don’t let the thoughts and judgments of others get in the way of respecting yourself and your lady bits. If someone thinks you’re “prude” and that makes you uncomfortable, then fuck them. If someone thinks you’re a “whore” because you slept with over ten guys your freshman year, then guess what? FUCK THEM TOO. If you’re ok with doing what you did or didn’t do, then that’s all that matters.

This task may take learning your strengths, weaknesses and even your emotions. That’s totally ok. Finding out who you really are isn’t that bad. Even sexually. It’s totally a fun exploration. Some people find that they’re sexually closed off; whereas I found as though I’m more of a sexually open person than I ever thought to be. It’s okay to try things out, alone or with others, just to learn these things about yourself.


Don’t knock it until you try it.

With respecting yourself and your female garden down there, you must respect others as well. If someone is into something sexually that you’re not, it’s ok to say no, but do not judge them. Just like you have your wants, needs and boundaries, they have theirs as well. If you’re curious about doing something sexually, then try it. If you’re not curious then don’t. It’s honestly quite simple. BUT, don’t put down others sexual desires if you haven’t tried it yourself.


Read about it.

If you’re unsure of something you want to try or maybe feel like something you want to try could be unsafe in some way; read about it. Do your research. This doesn’t mean you have to go watch pornos to become a pro. I literally mean research the topic. A lot of times there are scholarly articles on different sex topics and you can learn a lot from those.


Honor yourself 



Xx, Kyles

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You Put the Cock in Cocktail.  


Hint: You’d Only Fuck These Guys Drunk

We all know a guy who can put the cock in cocktail and by this I mean, any guy you might accidentally hook-up with while you’re drunk. And you, without fail, will in fact fuck at least one of these guys in your lifetime.These men are called DOUCHE BAGS.

I love douche bags because they’re so predictable, hence how I can write a whole blog post on them.

Bellow are just a few of the many types of douchebags:

1. The Frat Douche: You can usually find these little fuckers running around in Sperrys and pastel colored clothes that are MUCH too small for their bodies. And by too small, I mean I can almost see their unevenly shaven ball sacks hanging out from their “THESE ARE NOT CARGOS” shorts. He’s probably a business major and will over estimate his penis size by a good inch and a half. You will only know this because the snapchats looked great but too bad you can’t live life at your “good dick angle”. Although these little douche bags can “party” you’ll usually find a hand full of them passed out at their own frat parties. Like who the fuck passes out at their own party? Pussies.


2. The “CHECKOUT MY MIX-TAPE” Douche: There are two branches of these dumbasses. There’s the “wanna be rappers” and the “wanna be EDM  artists”. Whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Only because, instead of shoving his awkwardly curved penis down your throat, it’ll be his mixtape and you want NO PART OF THAT. The “wanna be rappers” will tell you they’re a hit sensation, but Walmart won’t even sell them in their 5 dollar box. The wanna be DJ’s will usually be on some sort of drug and almost always offer you some, which is quite nice. Don’t fall for it though because after rolling your balls off you’ll be stuck on the come down at some fuck  boys house with no ride and a dead cell phone. Make sure to sneak out before he slides his mix tape in your purse.


3. Mr. “No Fat Chicks allowed”: IT NEVER FAILS, YOU WILL AT SOME POINT MEET THIS DOUCHEBAG. And whatever you do, DO NOT take it personal. These dick heads will sit there and tell you how much they hate fat chicks as they stand there with their beer gut and choad. I’m not even going to elaborate on this type of douche bag anymore because there’s nothing funny about them other than their dick size.


4. The Dead Beat Douche: These douchebags are usually hard to communicate with due to their lack of education and capability to speak properly. This douchebag has more than one child; more often than not with multiple women. Although he has multiple children, he never sees any of them and then complains that he “doesn’t get child support”. I shit you not, a sperm donor literally complaining that they’re not getting child support. This is what I mean, hard to communicate with. Nothing they say makes any sense at all. These douche bags will also have summer teeth. If you don’t know what I’m referring to “some are here and some are there” type of mouth set. Now I personally have never been that blacked out drunk to get it in with one of these guys (and I never want to be) but if you have, hit me up on my email and let me know how awful it was… 


5. The Stereotypical “Player” Douche: These guys are usually good. They’re not low key but they’re pretty damn charming for whatever reason. This type of douchebag more than likely goes to the gym “super baked bro” and will send you snapchats of his dick at odd hours. When he sends you snaps like this, he is NOT thinking about you. Please be aware that you just got dick spammed by this fucker and only ONE female was expecting it and he liked the angle so he sent the photo to every female on his recent favorites. These are the guys that usually post on social media while ignoring your texts. This guy 10/10 uses a douche whistle or in their terms “A VAPE BRO”.


6. The Trust Fund Douche: This douchebag has dropped out of college and still lives in the same town as the college he failed out of. This guy is also probably your drug dealer who tells you he’s “giving you a good deal” every time you go pick-up. Which, in fact, he is not. He is giving you the same deal as everyone else. Even if this dude is ugly he can still somehow slay pussy, but the pussy never stays because they realize he’s a loser.


7. The “Babe” Douche: This douchebag will call you babe from the second he sniffs feelings coming from your hopeless ass. Babe this, baby that. Don’t let it fool you. He’s probably still texting his most recent ex-girlfriend calling her babe as well. He’ll say that he “wants a relationship babe, but wants it to be natural and gradual”. What he’s really saying is that once he’s bored fucking you he’s going back to his ex.


Now sit back, relax and drink up to celebrate not letting these dicks get near your pussy.

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