ColourPop Makeup Haul/Review

ColourPop Haul & Review



love getting ColourPop packages because they ALWAYS look so damn cute! From their box to their individual product packaging, it is well thought out and adorable. Aside from packaging, they are so affordable. This whole haul was under $40. That’s literally magical considering their great quality and fast shipping.

Yes, Please! Shadow Palette


I’m going to be bluntly honest- I am AMAZED at how great this palette is, formula wise. I have pressed powders from ColourPop and they’re great; I just wasn’t expecting their palette to be that much better. This palette is one you can use essentially every single day and still have new looks. You can go for a dark look or a bright look.

In this photo I went with a sunset eye. All colors are from this palette. The pigmentation is literally insane. One swipe and that’s all you need on your brush. I love how the palette has multiple colors to set your eye so you can go with either a dark or a lighter more highlighted eye.

No Filter, Concealer


This concealer literally gives me life. I shit you not. LIFE PEOPLE, LIFE. I was a bit skeptical at first! $6 for a concealer… hmmmmm. NO THAT SHIT IS BOMB. Not only does it stand up to its name of a “No Filter” concealer, it is lightweight but full coverage. The wand is the perfect size for precision. I literally gave my friend this concealer because she loved it so much, I was like yes girl I’ll order a new one; I got you. So yeah, do yourself a favor and spend the best $6 of your life. I promise you won’t regret it. I also love the fact that they have a quiz you can take so you know which concealer color to order!

Liquid Lips

Hutch and Petit Four are both Ultra Satin Lips whereas Take Five is an Ultra Matte Lip.

Petit Four takes about 2-3 coats to get the super dark blue/grey color but it does not feel cakey what so ever. It glides on very nicely as well. Although it looks like a weird grey blue it’s actually very wearable with the right outfit and makeup!

Hutch is the shit man, I swear. It’s PERFECT for Fall and it doesn’t dry your lips out like some of the Ultra Matte Lips do!! With two coats you’re ready to blend in with the vampires.

I have never had so many damn questions about a lip color in my life. Take Five is a beautiful luscious pink color that glides right on. Although it is an Ultra Matte Lip, the formula is NOT drying at all. You can see in the selfie above this exact color on my lips!


I would highly recommend any one of these colors: and the best part is they’re beautiful for all skin tones.


Shock Shadow & Cheek


The formula for the Shock Shadow and Shock Cheek is literally the trippiest thing ever. The first time I tried a shock highlight I about peed sprinkles I was so happy and curious at the same time. It literally feels like butter. Although it has that buttery texture it doesn’t make your skin oily.

The shock shadows specifically give a lot of pigmentation and are super fun colors to play around with.



All together

ColourPop is so worth at least a try!


Xx, Kyles

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